The most expensive and popular Russian Internet domains and the Internet in general

Recent statistical studies confirm earlier assumptions Russian Internet experts, according to which in 2014 will be revolutionary in relation to the total number of domain names in Russian-speaking areas of the upper level. In the period from January to March 2014 in the Russian-speaking space on the Internet has seen a rapid growth of domain names in Cyrillic zone of the upper level, as “.sayt”, “.onlayn” and “.rf.”

In addition to establishing the fact of the rapid increase in registrations of domain areas listed above, the experts identified a number of other interesting factors industry. For example, in 2014, has seen a rapid growth in the newly created domains. Thus, in the period from January to March 2014 were open Internet space such as “.sayt” and “.onlayn”, “.moskva”, “.rus”, “.deti” and others. By the beginning of the second quarter experts expect a significant increase in the number of newly registered in the above areas and resources.

The main reason for this rapid increase of Cyrillic domain zones running a program called delegation of new top level domain names -New gTLD, founded in 2011 by ICANN. According to the project, starting in 2012, any company or individual can apply for a domain name registration in the newly opened areas. Almost immediately after the start of the project’s organizers have received more than two thousand applications.

In general, over the past few years significantly changed the domain industry. Database was created of commercial transactions for resale domain information from Verisign, including the .com registry and .net, and data from the Coordination Center domain .ru and .rf. It is these certificates were used to identify the most interesting facts about the domain industry in RuNet.

The most expensive domains today include domain Profits from the sale, according to information provided, is $ 13 million. That is the amount received by his former owners in 2010.

Another one of the most expensive domain in RuNet assumed It in 2008 wanted to buy for $ 10 million. Another diamond – a domain, estimated in 2007 at $ 9.5 million.

But the domains in the zone .Ru not included even in the top 100 most expensive projects. On average, today, the domain cost is about $ 2.5 million, with total sales of $ 235 million. Most profitable domain zones analysts called top-level domain .com – 62% of the total. The average cost of a domain in this area is about 4500 US dollars. In the top 5 most profitable domain zones also includes top-level domains such as: .de (Germany), .net (network), .org (for organizations) (UK). The largest Russian top-level domain today remains zone .ru. The total volume of transactions for the sale of domain names in this zone is about 743 thousand dollars. The most expensive domain name in the zone .ru – it The name was bought in 2010 for almost 81 thousand dollars.

ByNet celebrated its 20th anniversary of the rapid growth of registrations in the national domain zone

In May 2014 the national domain zone of the Republic of Belarus celebrated its twentieth anniversary. During this time, Bynet has undergone significant changes. Today, domain .by – it’s more than a hundred thousand names. Every year, their number is growing. According to the latest statistics given, the Belarusian segment of the Internet is growing 2-3 times faster than the European. Only in the first quarter of 2014 growth of the Belarusian segment of the web was about 5.5-6 percentage points. Above this there is none other national domain zone of modern Europe.

More recently, the leaders in the European segment of the Internet were officially recognized as the national domain zone of Portugal (.pt), Montenegro (.me), Czech Republic (.cz) and Iceland (.is).

We remind technical administration of the national domain zone .by Belarusian company is According to the head of the company Sergei Povalisheva, national domain of the Republic of Belarus approached the 20th anniversary at the peak of its growth. Today, according to Mr S. Povalisheva, about 55% of all domain names is not older than two years. It speaks of a busy area registration .by the period from 2013 to 2014.

In the first quarter of 2014 in the national domain zone RB there were more than 3,500 new domain names. This is a record number for the entire existence of the national domain zone upper level of the Belarusian segment of the Internet.

Started the registration of sites in the new football top-level domain zone Runet .futbol

By the end of this month in the Russian segment of the Internet promise to begin the registration of domain names in the new top-level core areas – .futbol and .webcam.

Many are inclined to compare the Russian domain name .futbol with the English word “football”, which is written not in Latin U, and through a combination of two OO. The authors argue domain zone is not a bug. They purposefully used in the name of beech «U», so that people from around the world, including the former Soviet Union, it was clear what was going on.

“For the domain name, dedicated to the game of football, we have no orthographic meaning of the name of the sport, and its sound envelope” – to inform the company that owns the domain zone. futbol –

Parallel to the top of the domain name registration in the zone .futbol, in June 2014 launched the registration of sites in domain zones .trade, dedicated to the field of trade, as well as the area dating .dating, area events .events, webcams .webcam, .cards cards and a number of other new company projects Webnames, Ru-center, and 101domain. All these Russian companies authorized international control of domain names ICANN.

According to the official announcement of registrars provided information, the annual fee for use of the name in one of these areas will be about 700 rubles.

All new opening for the registration of domain zones are focused on a single audience. For example, the area .futbol – at sports events, scores, biography, and so athletes. N., And the area .webcam – video broadcast and live broadcasts.

Since the beginning of the summer the Russian segment of the Internet added at least 20 new top-level domain zones. The total number of top-level domains in the whole world is about 120 units. Starting the new zones is part of an international project to expand the domain space, developed by an international organization ICANN. In the coming years the Internet will fill more than 1.5 thousand domain zones of the upper level. ICANN announces today the delegation of the 5th part.